Article written by Mrs. Hiljmnijeta Apuk, Director and founder of Little People of Kosovo

Medical Evacuation

The consequences for the health of children and their families require urgent medical evacuation from the dangerously toxic camps Osterode and Cesmin Lug / Çesmin Llug.
In the beginning of August, fourteen internally displaced RAE families are evacuated from the poisoned camps from the northern part of Mitrovica and they are returned to their new apartments and houses in Mahalla in the southern part of Mitrovica. The medical evacuation was financed by international donors.
Unfortunately, the evacuee children and their families carried contaminated things from toxic camps to new houses because of donors did not provide new furniture, bedding, footwear and clothing in the required amount.

Health problems for the rest of their lives

Tragically, children from the lead-contaminated Roma camps in northern Mitrovica are most vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead and they became disabled for rest of their lives. Also, high levels of lead pollution can cause death.
Lead poisoning affects children and toxic substances can negatively affect their physical and mental development.

Protection rights of Roma children with disabilities

Life in highly toxic temporary camps points to the fact that Roma children with disabilities are multiple discriminated on base of their origin, race, social status and disabilities and they stay isolated in poverty and without any adequate medical care.

“We ask for urgent financial and medical assistance for our people in most toxic camps. We ask for a chance for our children to live.
In the camps children are born with a high percentage of lead and other heavy metals in their blood, which causes permanent physical and mental disabilities and our children need immediate medical treatment", says Elizabeta Bajrami, leader of NGO Roma Women for Roma Women.

Hiljmnijeta Apuk,
NGO Little People of Kosovo
Mitrovica, 17-08-2009

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