International Day of Roma, 8 of April

The European Council denounces political racism against Roma communities in Europe.
Persecuted under the fascist regimes, exterminated in the nazi death camps, and killed by hundreds during the Balcan Wars, Roma all over Europe are once again victims of politics of demagogy and have to serve as scapegoats for the descontent caused by the effects of economic crisis. This is the conclusion of an official report presented by the Commitée of Human Rights of the European Council a few days ago. The approximately ten million of Roma living in diferent european countries have to fight against prejudices rooted very deep in these societies and it is not dificult to observe that hostility against „gypsies“ is increasing.

To read the entire press release: http://cms.horus.be/files/99935/MediaArchive/pdfpress/2010-04-07%202nd%20EU%20Roma%20Summit.pdf