KAAD activities in Osterode and Cesmin Lug

photo: KAAD

The KAAD (Kosovo Agency for Advocacy and Development) was our contact in Mitrovica when we visited the camp for the first time. Mr. Dzafer Buzoli is working in the Camp Administration in Osterode and coordinates the organisation´s activities and programs. Since January 2009, the KAAD is active in the camp with a project of Camp Management, including infrastructure maintenance and medical support. In the near future social activities are to be covered also by the KAAD within the Camp of Osterode.
The Women and Youth Center are venues where women and youth can meet, socially interact, get trained. In this moment, this is the only forum providing internally displaced Roma women an opportunity to interact with trained coordinators on various issues without prejudice The activities include a domestic violence prevention program, vocational trainings, HIV information programs and some social activities. The KAAD Camp Management employs six project staff members, nine security guards, one medical adviser, three Camp leaders and 14 members working in the cleaning and maintaining staff.

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