Hiljmnijeta Apuk, Human Rights Defender, Director of the NGO Little People of Kosovo

Hiljmnijeta Apuk´s objective is the promotion of minority rights, as she is confronted every day with the situation of the Roma community relocated in the camp of Ostaroda and in Cesmin Lug in North Mitrovica. Hiljmnijeta was born in 1956 in Mitrovica.
She graduated as an economist and lawyer at the University of Pristina. Her first NGO Little People of Yugoslavia was founded in the 1990ies as the first association of this kind on the Balcan peninsula, but the office was destroyed during the war in 1999. Before she re-founded the NGO Little People of Kosovo in 2002 she had already been working more than 25 years as a human rights defender, for example as a member of the presidency of the NGOs Muscular Dystrophic Associations of Yugoslavia and Association of Muscular Dystrophy in Kosovo. Now she combines this task with her activity as main editor and founder of the non-profit monthly magazine Newspaper to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of Kosovo as a free attachment in daily newspapers in Kosovo and as online-publication in six languages. She is working hard to to improve the quality of life of the people who are living in these camps and suffering the severe effects of lead pollution. First of all the aim is simply to make life a little bit more bearable, and, as an objective for the next years, provide access to decent housing, jobs and community services, education and health care

Tel.: ++381 28 533 996
++381 28 530 814
Mobile: ++381 63 853 8824
e-mail: hiljmnijetaa@yahoo.com

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