Kosovo: Act Now to Close Poisoned Camps

Kosovo: Poisoned by Lead
A Health and Human Rights Crisis in Mitrovica’s Roma Camps
Article by Wanda Troszczynska Van Genderen (Human Rights Watch)

"After 10 years, it's about time we had some momentum to solve this problem," said Troszczynska-van Genderen. "It is vital that the US and EU work with the authorities in Kosovo, including in Serb-controlled municipalities, to solve the crisis."

Human Rights Watch recommends that the Kosovo authorities and international donors act to organize a long-term solution including:

The urgent medical evacuation of current camp residents to acceptable temporary housing;
The permanent closure of the remaining camps;
Urgent treatment for lead contamination for all current and former residents;
A long-term housing solution based on the wishes of the residents; and
Access to welfare, medical treatment, education, and employment.


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