Mitrovica lead crisis

May 2008 – A survey, which was produced by the Institute of Public Health in Kosovska Mitrovica at the request of the representatives of the IDP camps in Northern Mitrovica confirmed previous allegations, according to which the lead level in the blood of Romani children living in these camps has remained at an alarmingly high level. Out of the 104 children tested, aged between 1 and 16 years, 18 have shown lead levels exceeding the critical ceiling of 45 μg/dL, beyond which doctors recommend chelation therapy. However, if it is confirmed that the indications, “Hi” and “Hi Mnogo” contained in the survey, actually refer to blood levels exceeding 65 μg/dL, which cannot be measured with standard equipment, the number of children with a critically high level of lead contamination in their blood goes up to 38, or 36.5 percent of the surveyed group (…)

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